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Multiple-line Insurance Policy

Shopping for home insurance, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered, as we represent a variety of insurance companies that can provide exceptional coverage for your home or rental property. 


Ensure your home, condominium, or rental property is well insured and equipped with affordable homeowners insurance coverage. Protect your investment and property from possible damage, theft, or other accidents. 


We help you find comprehensive homeowners insurance so that you can rest assured that your property and the contents of your interior structure, including valuables and keepsakes are safe from possible flood or other irreplaceable damages.

Why is Homeowners Insurance Important? 

Always have a plan for a rainy day or an unexpected circumstance that can throw your day-to-day activities off. Homeowner’s Insurance is important because it protects your property and, depending on the policy, can also cover loss or damage of personal property. Some policies may also cover liability claims in the event that someone gets injured from an accident or fall at your home or property. 

What We Offer:

We represent many property insurance companies in Florida and also offer flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program and through the private market with Lloyd’s of London. For renters, replacement cost coverage and liability are available as well. For condominium insurance, we can shop around for you.